Skull Mittens

My ‘friend’ Billy is very excited to be modelling with my exclusive knitlock design for the 221B Con-affiliated Cara McGee’s Tea Party auction.The auction will benefit the Beacon Society, an organization promoting the teaching of Sherlock Holmes in schools, and that is a wonderful thing! 

Knitted up in luxurious merino and silk blend, these handy mittens feature the iconic skulls of 221 B so you can carry a bit of Baker Street with you everywhere you go (and have a friendly skull or two to talk to without attracting undue attention). 

Alas, since I live in Middle Earth I cannot make it to the con in person; however, I’m going to send these mittens to the lucky winner, who is also going to score this amazing bag of knitlock goodies thanks to the generosity of twinism. Fantastic!

The pattern will be first available to the winner of the auction, but I’ll post it on ravelry soon as well - watch this space. The pattern is particularly easy - designed for knitlock beginners.

Questions? Queries? Knitlock ideas? Send me a line!

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